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What to Bring on a Hawaiian Cruise

Many people struggle with the age old question- what should I bring with me when I go on vacation? This is always a tricky subject because if you pack too little, you could end up needing something and not having it. (Which may be good news because you will have to shop to get it!) On the other hand, if you pack too much then you have to lug around a heavy suitcase everywhere you go and you will probably end up getting charged extra baggage fees by your airline. If you are wondering what you should bring on a Hawaiian cruise, here are a few suggestions.

Pack Light

It is a good idea to pack light when you are heading out for a Hawaiian cruise. First off, the less baggage you have the less money you will have to spend on airline baggage fees and the easier it will be to carry your luggage around. Also, it is warm in Hawaii and you will be on a cruise ship, which means you should have a lot of things available to you, including laundry supplies. Also, if you leave a little extra room in your suitcase by packing light you will have room for souvenirs and stuff you buy when you go shopping.

There are a few essentials that you need to pack when you are heading out for a Hawaiian cruise. The first thing is your necessary identification, including your driver’s license, passport, photo IDs, credit and debit cards, health insurance information, cash and any other identification documents you may need for you and your family. Cashier checks are recommended instead of cash as well. You don’t want to end up forgetting your legal documents or photo IDs, so it is recommended that you use a travel case or folder to store all of your required documents. Other essentials for a Hawaiian cruise include high-level sunblock, a bathing suit and a camera. You don’t want to forget all of the precious memories you make during your trip!


You probably won’t need to pack much clothing for your cruise, but you may want to have a few specific types of clothing so you are prepared for everything. A good set of traveling clothes is always nice, which includes comfortable shoes that you can walk in. No beach vacation would be complete without a pair of sandals or flip-flops. It is warm in Hawaii, but you may want to bring lightweight long-sleeved shirts that will help protect you from the sun. It also rains in Hawaii, so you will want a lightweight rain jacket. A hat is always a good idea to help protect your head and face from the sun’s damaging rays. T-shirts, shorts, sundresses and lightweight pants are all good tropical choices. Cruise ships often have formal dinners and other social events so you may want to pack more formal clothing. Cruise attire is generally comfortable casual, unless there is a specific fancy dinner or event you plan to attend.

Other Stuff to Pack

The cruise ship will provide you with towels for both bathing and for laying by the pool, so you probably won’t need to pack any of your own. Reading materials are always great for sitting on the beach. You can bring your own snorkel sets and goggles, but these can be rented from the ship for cheap if you don’t want to carry them around with you. The same is true of scuba gear and fishing rods. Don’t forget your cell phone charger, laptop or smartphone either. Your toiletry bag will be up to you, but a small first kit is also a good idea.

photo credit: Rice and D via photopin cc

photo credit: Templarion via photopin cc

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